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29 June 2012 @ 05:01 pm
Can anyone tell me from what era/live/etc is this made after?

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09 August 2011 @ 04:50 pm

This is the  quiz :3
Oh yes! When we get the camera fixed I will post pictures of my plushie :333333333

1. Do you have a hide plushie (or more than one)?  
Yeah I have one :3

2. If you don't have any do you pretend you do?    
I used to but now I have one *hugs*

3. Which plushies do you have?  
I just have one but I dunno what version he is xD

4. Which is your favorite plushie? 
My hide plushie of course :3

5. Do you love your plushies?  

6. Do you sleep with your plushies? 
YupYup of course *giggle*

7. Do you wag them everywhere with you? 
Yes Yes I do

8. Do people give you looks for doing so? 
Yeah they do but I don't care I wag him about proudly

9. Where did you get your hide plushie? 
EBay :3

10. How much did it cost you?  
About 50 xD but it was worht it :DDDDDD

11. If your hide plushie came to life how would you react?
I would be like :OOOOOOOOO then pass out xD

12. Does alcohol magically disappear whenever your hide plushie is around?  

13. How would you react if your hide plushie strolled into the bathroom while you were in the shower?
ACK! YOU LITTLE PREV!!!!!!!!! Sit outside until I'm done!

14. Does your tv magically end up on the playboy channel whenever you're not in the room but your hide plushie is?  I
No put when I leave hom to guard my laptop there is when I come back

15. Do your dad's porno mags always end up in YOUR room? 
No. He's doesn't have any

16. Do you love the hide plushie community (hpc)?  

17. Am I a genius for thinking it up (oh I am *so* modest XD)?  
Yes Yes you are *glomp*

18. Have you hugged YOUR hide plushie today?! 
Hell yes of course!!!!!

19. I am not obsessed!!  

20. hide plushie: Hug me DAMN IT!    
hide plushie: Yaaaaay this is the 10,00000000000000 hug today yes?
Yes it is :DDDDDD
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One after another, young people step into the scene rushing towards great expectations, all holding a ticket in their hands. However they all find themselves disappointed and confused. They rip their tickets apart and leave again. A mysterious man performs with a glittering butterfly brooch on his chest,when S is one of those, who is left behind confused. Gradually he is dragged into something he might not understand just yet. A dancer in pink, dances around him, gesturing to rip his heart out and implanting something...a dream?
The scene changes. Two men from a delivery service appear to bring S a package.

"If everyone was able to become a musician, then Japan would be a country consisting only of musicians", they say, discussing the dreams they have had when they were in high school.
At the same time, S is on the phone, confessing his dream to do exactly that to a person he doesn't know and who just answered his call by chance - Mel.

25 April 2011 @ 08:59 am
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25 April 2011 @ 11:28 am

Hey everyone! I know you still have your plushies! Post some photos :D
27 December 2010 @ 05:26 pm
I'm not sure if sales adverts are allowed here, so please delete if not.

>> HERE << 
I'm Sellig this hide plushy.

It's been sitting on book shelf for some years but I decided to say goodbye since
I'm not such a big fan of hide and X Japan anymore.
In case you've thinking about buying one, don't miss this chance. ^___^
Just sharing some pics of my collections :)

my hide plushies

2 of my hide signature Fernandes guitars.

Closer pic of the hide Taeyang doll :)
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29 August 2010 @ 01:21 am
I'm interested in purchasing my first hide plushie and i was wondering if there were any here for sale, or if anyone knew of where to purchase them. Please help~ (^0^)/