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hide_plushie's Journal

hide plushie community (hpc)
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have you hugged YOUR hide plushie today?!

This is a little community for all the hide fans who have hide plushies and love to talk about their plushies! ^_^ Feel free to share pictures and stories of you and your hide plushies with the community~! ^-^

If you don't have a hide plushie but you like hide plushies you can still join. ^^ No one will be turned away as long as you love hide and hide plushies. ^_^

~ LEMONed shide and the hide brothers

Please feel free to fill out this handy little hpc survey. =)!

-- hide plushie community (hpc) 20 questions survey of D00M --

1. Do you have a hide plushie (or more than one)?

2. If you don't have any do you pretend you do?

3. Which plushies do you have?

4. Which is your favorite plushie?

5. Do you love your plushies?

6. Do you sleep with your plushies?

7. Do you wag them everywhere with you?

8. Do people give you looks for doing so?

9. Where did you get your hide plushie?

10. How much did it cost you?

11. If your hide plushie came to life how would you react?

12. Does alcohol magically disappear whenever your hide plushie is around?

13. How would you react if your hide plushie strolled into the bathroom while you were in the shower?

14. Does your tv magically end up on the playboy channel whenever you're not in the room but your hide plushie is?

15. Do your dad's porno mags always end up in YOUR room?

16. Do you love the hide plushie community (hpc)?

17. Am I a genius for thinking it up (oh I am *so* modest XD)?

18. Have you hugged YOUR hide plushie today?!

19. I am not obsessed!!

20. hide plushie: Hug me DAMN IT!